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Brand affect the quality of the printer

. Rabu, 23 Maret 2011
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There are several brands of inkjet printers on the market, for example such as Hp (Hewlett Packard), Canon, Epson, Brothers, and Lexmarx. The discussion this time I want to give some tips on choosing a printer. Actually, to select the printer was very easy, choose the printer that fits your needs and funds available, but not many prospective buyers know that there are advantages and disadvantages of the printer.

In order not one chose the printer especially inkjet printers, here I give the comparison of the five brands of printers:

-Save ink
-Print quality is comparable to the Canon
-Prints fast even in "normal mode"
-inkjet printer cartridge easily fall apart if one of the recharge, should be careful
-His voice is noisy

-Ink economical
-Quality printouts to color less tolerable and 4800 due to still pixel
-Cartridge widely available on the market
-Most easily refill or refill especially modify
-Prices expensive printer cartridge
-inkjet printer cartridges often quickly broken alias problem
-Speeds decrease over time of usage uncertain cause

-Print head warranty to 2 years if using original ink
-5760 Pixel Quality Photo
-The most easy to be modified
-Wasteful of ink caused when the printer head cleaning first start
-Slow and noisy for low end use mechanical type As and for the type R is not noisy voice
-Fast overload
-Too quick to innovate with cartridge vary so rarely available Cartridge
-his original inkjet printer cartridges are expensive and hard to be recharged or refilled for use chip

-The prints are great for photo quality
-Recharge easy (cartridge transparent)
-Not noisy, very silent
-Cartridge hard to come by, yet there is a compatible, even if there are expensive
-It can not be in pairs or in modification of drip CISS

-Print is nice though in the normal mode
-Fast and quiet
-Cheap price
-Cartridge expensive and somewhat difficult to get
-Cartridge easily damaged if recharged or refill
-Cartridge quickly clogged
-Can not to modify or mounted infusion device system CISS

1. To be more economical, you can use a printer that bias in refill refill with toner or ink refill
2. Choose a printer that can be mounted infusion device and CISS or modification where the modification should not choose the wrong printer, look for the real experts and kind.
3. Brand and price would never lie, so use printer brand has been trusted and proven good so you do not choose the wrong.

To get a proper explanation you can visit the web that provides services on the printer, ink refill, printer cartridges and the like. This is important so that you are not wrong in choosing a printer and can be a reference for you. Such sites we recommend for those of you who want to select the printer and all the explanations about the printer.

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